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please spread this around

only 16 days left.  Everything has been updated.  This need needs to be filled

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13 days left. Please help out. Don’t just like reblog. The more reblogs the higher the chances of strangers donating

Hey guys 8 days left!!!

Raised 1501$. So here is my challenge. Everyone donate a small odd dollar amount of like

$3, $5, or $7 !!! Keep it at an odd number to mess with my OCD lol.


I had to make this post to go along with this video, because really, Crested pigeons (Ocyphaps lophotes, top three photos) are freaking pretty.  I’ve also included another Australian Columbid that I’m jealous of, the Common Bronzewing (Phaps chalcoptera, bottom three photos).

Image credits from top to bottom:
Lip Kee
Birds Central
Archies Archive
Ian Montgomery
Ákos Lumnitzer
Ian Montgomery


Nigel’s Animal World at San Japan!

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